Alfa Proj. 2351 Stainless .22WMR + .22LR / 4.5″

22WMR + .22LR


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For over 100 years Alfa Proj has been producing high quality, small arms in Europe as a leading manufacturer. Today they are the second largest small arms manufacturer in the Czech Republic. New to Blue Line Solutions is their line of high quality revolvers, made with stainless steel! With the 2351 model they bring to you a high quality, precision manufactured revolver chambered in .22wmr for maximum shooting pleasure and affordability!

The full stainless steel build, made with the utmost care and precision, guarantees excellent shooting results over a prolonged period of time. The proof of this long lasting formula for precision crafted revolvers would be the Alfa Proj lines inclusion in law enforcement and military applications for varying municipalities and countries worldwide. From beginners, to target shooters and all the way to people whose jobs require a reliable self-defence revolver, the Alfa Proj exceeds expectations!

With this particular model, you’re not limited to just one caliber either! The Stainless Steel Alfa Proj 2351 comes standard with an additional cylinder in .22lr.

Manufactured by Alfa Proj in Brno, Czech Republic.

Barrel Length: 4.5″ / 114mm
Calibre: .22WMR + .22LR
Rounds: .22WMR – 8 Rounds  .22LR – 9 Rounds


22WMR + .22LR


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