EOTech Vudu 1-6x Precision Rifle Scope


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Vudu 1-6x is compact, yet fully loaded. Crafted with the 3-gun and serious hunter in mind, this is an optic that feels as much at home on the AR platform as it does on your favorite bolt-action rifle. The EOTech Speed Ring reticle allows for fast target engagement at low power, but at higher power provides the resolution and accuracy required to tackle longer shots. The Vudu 1-6x is the perfect solution for short to medium range applications that require the highest level of durability and accuracy.

Product Details

Magnification 1-6x

Objective Lens 24mm

Focal Plane First Focal Plane

Eye Relief 1x: 83-100mm; 6x: 82-100mm

Exit Pupil 1x: 11.4mm; 6x: 4.0mm

Field-Of-View (Degrees) 1x: 19.4 degrees; 6x: 3.2 degrees

Field-Of-View (@100 Yards) 1x: 102.4 ft; 6x: 16.7 ft

Exterior Finish Flat Black; Type III anodized

Illumination Controls Push Buttons

Exposed Optical Surface Treatment Lens Coating Broadband anti-reflection coating

Windage and Elevation Increment Per Click SR2, SR3 Models: Approx. 0.5 MOA
SR1 Model: Approx. 0.2 MRAD

*EOTECH recommends removing battery from product during storage. In sleep mode, the battery draws slight current. Battery life during sleep mode is approx. 1,500 hours at room temperature.

Total Elevation Adjustment Range About Factory-Defined Zero Reference ± 14.5 min MRAD or ± 50 MOA

Total Windage Adjustment Range About Factory-Defined Zero Reference ± 14.5 min MRAD or ± 50 MOA

Battery Type CR2032

Auto Power-Down to Sleep Mode, Typical Time Interval at Which Power Will Shut Down to Preserve Battery Life Approx. 2 hrs

Battery Life, Typical Time of Use at Room Temperature Approx. 500 hrs at middle brightness setting 5*

Overall Length 270 mm (10.63 in)

Weight 20.1 oz (570 gr)

Tube Diameter 30mm




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