Goex Fg Black Powder 1 LB

Goex Black Powder Fg
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The Tradition continues.  GOEX Black Powder is manufactured in the same manner that dates back to 1802 when the company was founded.  GOEX Black Powder uses traditional materials, providing the same great ignition characteristics and uniform speed that master shooters and hunters have relied on from the westward expansion, into the Civil War, up to modern target competition and hunting. 

What is modern at GOEX are quality assurance standards and testing to bring you consistency in performance and from lot to lot. Through proprietary analysis of charcoal chemistry, electronic moisture measurement, and state of the art ballistic Piezo gun pressure measurement GOEX has more control on Black Powder performance than any time previously. The science of black powder has never been more advanced.  With this type of quality control in place you only have to worry about your sights as the trigger is squeezed.

GOEX Black Powder is available in different granulation sizes to maximize performance in the specific gun you use.  GOEX Cannon is the largest granulation size and FFFFG is the smallest.  Some granulation sizes can have multiple uses.  To help you determine the granulation size best suited to your firearm the standard applications are listed below.


  • Fg (or 1Fg): Muskets, Shotgun, Large caliber Rifle, Cartridge and Cannon


Goex Black Powder Fg
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