Grand Power K100 MK12 Blue w/ Decocker

9mm – Restricted


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The K100D differs from the standard K100 in the addition of the decocking hammer group. While Double Action and Single action remain unchanged, the safety lever has a third position. When the safety lever is lowered below the horizontal, the hammer if cocked will be decocked. If the safety lever is left in the lowered position, the firearm is then in Double Action Only mode.
Caliber: 9mm Luger 
Trigger mechanism: SA / DA
Trigger pull weight: 20-25N / 35-40N
Overall length: 202.5mm
Height without magazine: 133.5mm
Width: 36mm
Barrel length: 108mm
Weight w/o magazine: 740g
Weight w empty magazine: 820g
Standard magazine capacity: 15 (10 in Canada)


9mm – Restricted



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