GSG 16 Spare Magazines Double Pack


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There Is No Better Feeling in the World Then Having a German Sport Guns GSG-16 With a Factory Magazine in Hand 

The German Sport Guns magazine is a standard factory replacement magazine. This magazine is designed to be compatible with GSG-16 models chambered in the popular .22 Long Rifle cartridges and holds 22 rounds of ammunition. The magazine is made from high quality polymer and features a matte finish. The most important aspect of this magazine is the fact that it is made by German Sport Guns so you can rest assured that the magazine will meet and exceed the specifications and tolerances set forth by the factory engineers. You can be all but certain that this magazine will fit perfectly and function flawlessly the same as with the magazine(s) that shipped with your firearm.

German Sport Gear GSG-16 Magazine Specifications and Features:

  • German Sport Guns GERMGSG16TP22
  • Factory Magazine
  • .22 Long Rifle
  • 22 Rounds
  • Polymer Body
  • Quality Follower
  • Quality Magazine Spring
  • Black Finish
  • Twin Pack


  • German Sport Guns GSG-16



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