Matador Arms Corp Razor SKS Scout Mount

Matador SKS Razor Scout Mount


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Introducing the brand new, 100% Canadian, SKS Scout Mount from Matador Arms – The Razor!

This is a solid aluminum scout mount/rail, made for all SKS derivatives, that finally gives you an affordable option to easily and reliably mount a micro-dot reflex optic onto the SKS that still allows the use of stripper clips!

This lightweight (less than an ounce*) Alberta-made SKS scout mount/rail allows you to extract the most accuracy from your SKS without adding unnecessary weight or bulk to your rifle; allows you to continue using stripper clips; does not require anything to be removed or even moved for full cleaning and still retains a back-up iron sight system in case your reflex sight becomes damaged or loses battery power.

The 50mm length of Picatinny rail gives you just enough room to mount a small reflex sight without obstructing either the use of stripper clips or clearance needed for the gas tube removal lever.

* The Major has already completed an installation and after he removed the rear sight leaf, pin and spring from his 1950 Tula, he found that those parts weighed 28g – so effectively this scout mount is so light it weighs less than nothing as the rifle weighs 2g less after installation!

• Includes a back-up iron sight using built-in channel

• Allows the use of stripper clips – as long as you use a micro-dot – using a larger sight may prevent their use

• Easy installation

• No modifications required – it simply replaces your rear sight

• Compatible with all known factory or aftermarket stocks

• Picatinny rail – accepts Weaver accessories

• Solid aluminum – precision CNC machined from one piece of billet aluminum

• Durable anodised finish

• Requires rear sight removal (3mm or 3/32″ punch recommended)

• Full instructions included (and below)

• Replacement rear sight pin and allen/hex key included

• Only weighs 26g (0.9 oz.)

• Length 74mm (2.9″) overall

• Picatinny rail length: 50mm (2.0″)

Model: Matador Arms MACSKSRSM (MAC777)


Matador SKS Razor Scout Mount


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